Pencoder is a mencoder frontend written in Perl. It is based on the CPAN module UI::Dialog that is a wrapper to dialog-like programs like whiptail, dialog, xdialog, or zenity, so it can run in both text (newt, curses) or graphics mode (gtk). It is aimed to be easy and comfortable to use.

Its primary purpose is to re-encode video files for view these in PDAs, for example with the great mmplayer, but it is also a nice generic purpose mencoder frontend.



The latest version is 0.2 (2005-03-12). Get the package form the SourceForge project page.

See the README file for requirements and usage instructions. There is a list of planned features in the TODO file.


For help, bugs, suggestions or patches go to the trackers or to the forum.

Pencoder is written by Javier Donaire

Thanks to the creators of mencoder and to Kevin Krinke, author of UI::Dialog.