Pencoder README file

Pencoder is a simple frontend for mencoder. Its original purpose is to help re-encoding video files for play these in PDAs, but it is also a nice generic purpose frontend.

Please, visit the homepage at for more information.


Copy pencoder to anywhere in your path such as $HOME/bin or /usr/local/bin


Pencoder has been developed and tested in some Debian GNU/Linux systems but it should run in any Unix-like operating system where there are mplayer/mencoder and Perl available.

All packages should be provided by your distribution, alternative sources explained:


You can get it from or if you use Debian you can install the excellents unofficial packages maintained by Christian Marillat:

whiptail (optional: dialog, xdialog, zenity)

The default user interface backend, you can use the others also.

Perl module UI::Dialog

You can get it from CPAN or if you use Debian you can get the .deb I've packaged from


Pencoder is menu driven, so you should not need too much instructions.

Run pencoder --help to get a list of execution's flags.

You can create multiple sets of options using the Profiles menu, and store them in $HOME/.pencoder with the Save settings menu option.